Intensive Annual Garden Planner


This handy tool helps plan your intensively planted, organic, no-dig, home vegetable/flower garden. Just select your first and last frost dates and a planting schedule will be generated for you. Click on a crop's name to view additional details about that crop.

The algorithm works by using generalized information about different types of crops such as average weeks to maturity, whether direct sowing or transplanting is preferred, weeks between plantings for continuous harvests, when and how a fall crop should be planted (if applicable), etc. Such generalizations could never hope to capture the true complexity of growing vegetables and flowers, but it should serve as a useful reference point so that you don't get lost in the weeds during the growing season and forget to sow the next crop of bush beans.

This planner works best for gardeners located in the nothern areas of the northern hemisphere (USDA zone 7 and below) where we need to start many summer crops indoors and cannot harvest during winter without season extension. All planting dates are made under the assumption that no season extension techniques are being applied. Transplanting is preferred wherever possible for a head start in spring, more reliable germination, and to increase the opportunities for succession planting. However, many plants can be direct sown on their transplant day, instead.

Source code is available under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later. Perhaps you'd like to add a new crop or fix a bug?




  • start seeds indoors
  • direct sow outdoors
  • transplant outdoors

Week-by-week instructions