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5.3.3 Skribe

(use-modules (haunt reader skribe))
Procedure: skribe-reader

A reader for posts written in Skribe, a markup language with the full power of Scheme. Skribe posts are created with the post expression with metadata encoded as :key expression pairs at the beginning of the post expression. After the metadata section, the rest of the post expression is encoded as HTML.


 :title "Hello, Skribe!"
 :date (make-date* 2016 08 20 12 00)
 :tags '("skribe" "foo" "baz")

 (h2 [This is a Skribe post])

 (p [Skribe is a ,(em [really]) cool document authoring format
     that provides all the power of Scheme whilst giving the user
     a means to write literal text without stuffing it into a
     string literal. If this sort of thing suits you, be sure to
     check out ,(anchor "Skribilo"
                        ""), too.]))