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4.2 Invoking haunt serve

The haunt serve command allows one to quickly view a local preview of the generated website before publishing the finished product to a remote web server. When haunt serve runs, a local HTTP server is spawned. Visit the server using a web browser to inspect the results of the build. By default, the web server listens on port 8080, so the URL to visit would be http://localhost:8080.

While developing, it is common to rebuild the site frequently to view the results of incremental changes. Rather than manually running haunt build (Invoking haunt build) each time changes are made, the --watch flag can be used to automatically rebuild the site when a source file changes on disk.

-c configuration-file

Load the Haunt site declaration from configuration-file.

-p port

Listen for HTTP requests on port. Defaults to 8080.

-p host

Listen for HTTP requests on host. Accepts an IP address (IPv4 or IPv6), localhost or loopback to serve on the local loopback device (the default), or any to bind on all local available ports (useful if you want to show off your website to someone else on your LAN, or something.)


Automatically rebuild the site when source files change.